New Scene: Goldie

GOLD MEMBERS: That sexy dragon, Goldie, is ready for some more fun with her latest scene, a 3rd person legs up missionary. Just point her toes to the sky and hold on while you give her a good plow. She’s waiting in the Northern Falls for some fun.

This scene features additional animations for emotions, tail and boob jiggles! So have fun getting that girl moving!

Anonymous said: Do you guys get any money from the adds on your live stream or do you have any add money accounts of any kind

The ads on Livestream go are from Livestream, we don’t profit from those. We do not advertise anywhere at this time.


Anonymous said: What legal reasons could POSSIBLY be keeping you from making a human player model? You can't copyright humanity... Are the furry police going to drag you away if you put a human in a furry game?

It’s because of conflicts with bestiality (which is very much illegal) and as a business, it’s something that we just don’t want to deal with, because it makes finding companies like banks and credit card processors harder than it already is, as an adult company, to work with us. Eliminating the human model and replacing it with Default, is part of distancing ourselves from that correlation.

You can currently access the default model in game by not selecting a species. Eventually you’ll be able to select the skin color from a variety of options.


Anonymous said: Hi there will the players character be able to masturbate

Yes, that was answered in a previous question earlier today.


Crow’s Nest 7/23/2014

Crow worked on a long term background character, the red squirrel Rebecca!

She has been in the background of the House of Eve for many years, and now she is finally getting her own interactive scene.

This will be a scene for gold users, though because she is located in the free zone, she will eventually have a free content scene made.

Livestreams are usually done Wednesdays through Sundays, starting from 8-10 pm MST, tech troubles and life permitting. The livestreams take place at If you want to chat, please have at least a temporary name and be prepared to state your age. We need full screen pictures of the streams to keep this tumblr updated, so if you want to help out a bit, you can send your screencaps to our email

-The Viewer

Rebecca 7/23/2014

djchris88 said: Does the player character list has a human character in too? If not ever thought of making one?

We cannot have a human player model due to legal reasons. You can access a humanoid penis model by not selecting a species when starting a new game.

-The Viewer

Anonymous said: Just wondering why the map was changed was it to fit more areas or something

It was updated to improve graphics streamline the areas optimize code and functionality updated the model of the island as well as the texturing and a whole lot of other refinements that take too long to go into.


Anonymous said: will the player model be able to masturbate also will any of the woman in the game get pergnant by the player model and one last thing any woman in the game like or dislike a certin specie

Yes, eventually you’ll be able to see the player character masturbate. No you won’t be able to get the characters pregnant. Yes the characters in the game will express their preferences for certain species.


Anonymous said: I noticed that Jezzel has a different sprite displayed after sex with her. Is this currently exclusive to her, or do any other characters currently have this feature? If not, will this be added to other characters later in development?

The last few updates, Jezzel, Valeriya, and Anahi all have this feature. It will be added to most sprites the next time they get worked on.

-The Viewer

larswi99 said: Have you ever thought of Bitcoin in Gold purchase?

We will not be using bitcoin. Unnecessarily transfering real money into fake money and back to real money, each time with a transaction fee, is not helpful to a business. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Paysafe, as well as store bought prepaid cards for those without credit cards.

-The Viewer

Anonymous said: are the area like the stone key ruins and the other areas you have added will you be moving some characters their or putting addition characters their

Yes. All in good time.


Anonymous said: Will you ever do any scenes for the frogs Merile and Patty?

There will be scenes with them in the future, as normal, we do not give out our production schedule, or any ETAs.


Anonymous said: Will you be improving jezzel missionary some this month or Mabry some time in the future

There are plans to improve her missionary scene, but we don’t release ETAs, but you can rest assured it’s something we intend to do.


Anonymous said: I mist say I love the improvements you've done to jezzel but didn't she have some sort of golden ring on her collar if so will you add or leave it I don't mind personally either way.

She did have a golden ring, but Crow couldn’t find the element for it, so it was left out. Crow is planing to re-render it and add that detail back in at some point.